How much does 1 pack of Roux make?

One pack of Roux will make a gumbo big enough to feed up to 12 people or a Stew big enough to feed up

to feed up to 8.

Do I have to use the entire pack of Roux at one time?

No. If the Roux is defrosted either in the fridge overnight or in a sink filled with room temperature water, any unused Roux can be refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. Also, many customers like to cut the frozen pack into 2 or 4 separate portions and store them in the freezer in Ziploc bags.

Why does it have to stay frozen or refrigerated?

Unlike the “Roux in a Jar” you find on the shelf in the grocery stores, My Roux is prepared with the Trinity of Vegetables and Seasoning, which raises the PH level of the product above the standard of a “shelf life”.

Where can I find your Roux in the Grocery Stores?

with the frozen seafood and Cajun specialty meals. There are a few stores that place it in the freezer with other Specialty Foods or “homemade” items. If you cannot find it in the store, ask the Seafood Manager or the General Manager. Be sure to tell them that it’s frozen and not on a shelf.

Where do I find the directions to prepare meals with your Roux?

Click on “Cindy’s Recipes” to see all my simple and delicious recipes. You can follow my recipe or tweak it to become your own, simply use the measurements of liquid and meat as a guideline.

Do you offer shipping?

I personally do not currently ship my Roux. My business is small, and I do not have the personnel to add this service. I am, however, partnering with GJ Curbside in Morgan City, LA, who will ship my Roux, 2nd day air, at the cost of the customer. If you are interested in a quote for shipping, you can click on “Order” and complete the form in its entirety (name, full address and phone number). I will then forward it to GJ Curbside to correspond directly with you for a quote. Your purchase will be completed directly through them.

Do you sell any other variations of Roux? (A. Gluten Free, Dry, etc.)

No, Cindy’s Almost Famous Roux is prepared only one way. The ingredients include:

1. All Purpose Flour

2. 100% Vegetable Oil

3. Chopped onions, celery, red & green bell pepper and parsley

4. Slap Ya Mama Seasoning

Is your Roux only used for Gumbo and Stew?

No, my Roux can be used for Gumbos, Stews, Gravies, Soups, Grillades and as an amazing flavor enhancer in any pot of beans. I’ve had customers say they add it to a pot of Chili and even to a pot of Spaghetti Sauce. The uses for my Roux are endless.